Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today is January 13 2010 it is almost 10 years since The project was founded, there have been many people that have help, given encouragement and enjoyed following my travels and discoveries. I want to thank all of you .
Today I finished the second part of the Cora of Nayarit. It has been a long time in coming and the new gallery shows the photos off much better. I am motivated because my best friend Joe Kohn died last week, he accompanied me on the first trip to the Nayar for the celebration of Easter week in Santa Teresa, Nayar Nayarit. The second trip was with a great friend Kristy Thompson who has been a great advocate for my work. I salute them both. Without being sure I feel a change coming, a transition to a new and high plane for the study, one in which others will participate.
Over the years I have been stranded, broken on rocks, sicken with all sort of bugs, stung, frozen , sun burned, flooded, robbed, stood to the point of a machine gun and so many other things. My experiences have been great and the wonders I try and share with my viewers is profound. My sense of urgency sometimes makes my work incomplete and I apologize for that but I have only visited 1000 of the 5000 villages, so much to do.
Mexico is moving rapidly into a transition and the time to document is short and the need is great. I hope some one will join and help with this work.
Through all this I have strictly adhered to historic principles and only publish first hand information.

Thanks bob freund

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