Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recently I have spend a great deal of time in the Mazahua communities in the State of Mexico. They are a front line group , who faces the difficult task of living within 2 hours of Mexico City and less than an hour from the capital of the Mexican State of Toluca.
The Mazahua women wear a combination of costumes which vary largely depending on the region or municipality that they live in.
There seems to be two things that are costants in the costume the “reuedo” or petticoat and the belt. The petticoat is worn show slightly from the bottom of the dress or apron , which ever is longer. The belt is worn under the garments to hold the skirt up and to add strength as they work in the fields or grind corn. Recently I have documented over 40 villages which will soon appear on the website. www.mexicantextiles.com .