Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Indigenous wisdom – During my travels I often find myself listening to indigenous people explaining their ways and beliefs. From time to time I intend to post these little tidbits of illumination.

Maria, a mole maker in Actopan, Mexico – “Partidos esta para partirnos” Political parties are here to divide us. In Spanish it rhymes.

Two Purepechas women from Lake Patzcuaro region of Michoacan “men are like kites, they need a woman’s hand to keep them from blowing away”

Here is one that has a lot of variation but the clean version goes “ jale mas una mujer mas que una junta “ This translates “ a women’s pull is greater than a pair of Oxen” .

In the Sierra Zongolica there is a ceremony at the beginning of March, the herbal healers go to a cave and dance and pray. The purpose is to ask the earth for permission to cut herbs and to apologize for any damage humanity has done during the year.

Mexicans generally say this about Americans , that we are practical .

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